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8 augusti 2020 06:43 av Lennahagarty

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Someone once used the analogy of climbing a tree to describe their experience of life. Sadly, I cannot now remember who it was but, as I recall, he said that there are times when we manage to climb onto branches that seem very unsafe and we are so high that it feels as if we might lose our grip and fall to the ground at any time. Yet, looking back on our lives, those times were also the moments we felt most alive.


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Assimilation and implementation of the guidance, contained in that knowledge, for our daily life, is bound to get one in full concurrence with the total universal reality. It is the dire emergency call of the hour for the survival of mankind and our mother earth.


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BP Optimizer

The following is a summary of studied CAM therapies that may be of benefit in the management of diabetes. I do recommend these as complementary therapy in my practice, but do not necessarily endorse this as exclusively as a way to treat diabetes.


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