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Intervju med Hanna Salomäki

16 MAJ 2015 10:30
Servemottagande spiker Hanna Salomäki går till elitlaget. Hon har spelat för Piekfamala i finska högstaligan, och tillhört träningstruppen till finska landslaget.
  • Skapad: 16 MAJ 2015 10:30

Hi Hanna, and welcome to Gislaved! We are very happy for you to join our team for the new season and want to ask some questions to share on our website.

What are you looking forward to most this season?

I'm really excited about my first season overseas. I can't wait to see how volleyball is in Sweden and what our new coach Daniel does with us! I'm expecting that I will get a better player during this season and I hope I'm able to give as much information about volleyball as I can for the younger players. I'm looking forward to have a great season and practicing hard for the gold medal.

What can you contribute to the team?

I'm great back court player and I'm sure I get players excited about defense and help them with passing. I'm a shorter player than most of the outside hitters so I got many options to do on the net. being a calm and smart player gonna help the young players on the court and it's gonna help players to trust my word.

How long have you played volleyball?

Mmm.. I think I have played 12 years... I really can't remember when I started but over 10 years!  

Why did you choose to play for GVK?

I chose to play for GVK because the team made me believe that it's the best option for me as a player and coach made me really comfortable to make the decision after talking with him. I know that we got a new coach, but his plans for the next season sounds great.

What's the best part about playing volleyball?

Of course winning! Winning as a team is the greatest thing in volleyball. And of course during the season Your teammates will be your best friends and You will get friends for life!


Håll ögonen öppna för ytterligare bomber inför årets elitlaget. 
Skribent: Daniel Magnusson


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